Seems Harder without a Stihl

Trimming, clearing, strimming, sawing and cleaning all seem harder without a Stihl. That’s the message in this set of print advertisements from France for the Stihl hedge trimmer.

Trimming seems harder without a Stihl - fence in Stihl print advertisement

Clearing seems harder without a Stihl - leaves in Stihl print advertisement

Strimming is harder without a Stihl - in Stihl print advertisement

Sawing is harder without a Sthil - trees in Stihl print advertisement

Cleaning is harder without a Stihl - wall in Stihl print advertisement


The campaign was developed at Publicis Conseil, Paris, France, by creative directors Olivier Altmann, Hervé Plumet, art directors/copywriters Yves-Eric Deboey and Mathieu Degryse, photographer Marc Gouby, with retouching done by Pierrick Guen, Sparklink, Paris.

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