See It Hear It Say it in Poland

Fundacja Dzieci Niczyje (Nobody’s Children Foundation) in Poland is asking the Polish people to be aware of physical and emotional violence to children. Bruises and scars, they warn, are often camouflaged by abusive parents. The message in the print campaign developed by DDB Warsaw is Zobacz – Uslysz – Powiedz (Z-U-P) (See, Hear, Say). Viewers are urged to report any suspected abuse by calling a phone line or emailing FDN. “Rodzice, którzy biją dzieci, starają się to ukryć.” “Parents, who beat their children, are trying to hide it.”

Child in Panda suit in See it Hear It Say it ad

The pictures were displayed in 2007 as billboards in large cities, published in nation-wide and local magazines and newspapers with accompanying articles, and distributed in the form of leaflets. The campaign is online at

Child in Indian suit in See it Hear It Say it ad

Child in Mummy outfit in See it Hear It Say it ad

SEE IT, although my wounds and bruises are sometimes hard to notice.
HEAR IT, although my cry is sometimes inaudible.
SAY IT, even if it is difficult for you. I wouldn’t manage without your help.

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