Scrabble Sliced Anagrams

Mattel presents the game of Scrabble in a series of picture anagrams from Chile, images that go beyond the language differences of South America. Three images present word puzzles: Guitarra (Guitar), Elefante (Elephant), and Submarino (Submarine).

Scrabble Guitar anagram

Scrabble Elephant anagram

Scrabble Submarine anagram


The Slices campaign (Iptaehne, Iuragt, Naeimsbru) was developed at JWT, Santiago, Chile, by creative director/art director/copywriter Matías Lecaros, creative director Sergio Rosati, photographers/illustrators Cristian Gastelo and Boris Berstel at Astro Image Creators. Also listed in the credits are Leo Farfan, Tomás Vidal, Tomás Neely and Israel Urrutia.

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