Scrabble Sliced Anagrams

Mattel presents the game of Scrabble in a series of picture anagrams from Chile, images that go beyond the language differences of South America. Three images present word puzzles: Guitarra (Guitar), Elefante (Elephant), and Submarino (Submarine).

Scrabble Guitar anagram

Scrabble Elephant anagram

Scrabble Submarine anagram


The Slices campaign (Iptaehne, Iuragt, Naeimsbru) was developed at JWT, Santiago, Chile, by creative director/art director/copywriter Matías Lecaros, creative director Sergio Rosati, photographers/illustrators Cristian Gastelo and Boris Berstel at Astro Image Creators. Also listed in the credits are Leo Farfan, Tomás Vidal, Tomás Neely and Israel Urrutia.

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  • Lawrence

    That is pretty amazing to look at, I love the illustration of the electric guitar. But it doesn’t remind me so much of Scrabble as it does a 3D puzzle, like the company that used to make Puzzle 3D.

  • Lluís de Yzaguirre

    In your “Live activity feed” you report that Barcelona is in Spain, but this is equal true that saying that Santiago de Chile is a rebel province of Spain. You shoul’d know that more 300 years of spanish occupation will not change the fact that Catalonia is NOT Spain. If your country is now free of Spaniards is because they considered oppessing Catalans more valuable than oppessing America’s countries.

    • Xavi

      Don’t worry guys, you are all right, Barcelona is in Spain. Lluis is just rattling about his nationalist dreams… Lluis, get a life.