Science World We Can Explain

Science World in Vancouver continue their quirky advertising campaign recently (see the Boardroom Kisses ad from 2005) with two television commercials, Blind Date and Exciting Discovery.

Science World Exciting Discovery television commercial

In “Exciting Discovery” two botanists out on the field make an exciting discovery – a new species. The scenario has been explored before in the Yahoo Be a Better Advertising Campaign but the application is fresh.

Click on the image below to play the video.

In “Blind Date” a man becomes more and more alarmed as he discovers just how much his blind date knows about him.

In “AutoPilots” two airline pilots struggle with a puzzle before boarding their plane. A commercial from 2007.

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Science World campaign was developed at Rethink Canada, Vancouver, by group creative director Rob Tarry, creative directors Ian Grais and Chris Staples, art director Lisa Lebedovich, agency producer Ann Rubenstein.

Filming was shot by Michael Downing via OPC, Toronto, with director of photography Andre Pienaar, producer Tim Corrigan, executive producers Harland Weiss and Jeff Low.

Editor was Daniel Pruger at JMB Post. Sound was designed at Wave Productions.