Save Your Hearing for National Deaf Foundation

National Foundation for the Deaf in New Zealand promoted Deaf Awareness Week with a series of posters comparing what appear to be low impact sounds with what are clearly high decibel noises. 110 decibels of a trumpet playing Old McDonald is linked with the 110 decibels of a braking truck. 90 decibels of a blow dryer is likened to the 90 decibels of a passing train. The 110 decibels of New Zealand band Shihad is connected to the 110 decibels of a 747 jet taking off. “Save Your Hearing.” The web sites listed on the posters, however, do not appear to be functional.

Truck in Deaf Awareness Week poster

Train in Deaf Awareness Week poster

Plane in Deaf Awareness Week poster


The Save Your Hearing campaign was developed at DDB New Zealand by executive creative director Toby Talbot, head of art Mike Davison, copywriter Verity Butt, art director Karen Maurice-O’Leary, designer Hannah Jo Heffernan.