Save Tango Appeal for Survival

Today’s site of the day is the Save Tango appeal site, Britvic, the owner of the 58 year old brand of carbonated soft drink, is attempting to revitalise the British fan base built around the wacky advertising campaigns of the 1990s. The site is central to an integrated campaign of non-PC silliness, appealing, perhaps, to the people who tried Tango slapping in 1991.

Save Tango web site

“Tango, that Great British institution is under threat. Go to and see what others are doing to Save Tango. If you only join one revolution this year make it this one. School Sports Days, Jeremy Clarkson, Christmas Nativities – all at risk of extinction because of the corduroy clad, beige, PC brigade. But what about the mischievous fizzy drink Tango and its battle against the banality of modern life? It’s under threat too from these damn hippies. So it’s down to us normal folk to do our bit for the orangey cause. Go to to see what others are doing to save this British institution and what you can do to stop it falling in the PC abyss. Youll be making the world a fizzier place.”

The Film

Heralding the new Save Tango campaign is the TV advert. A orange-clad Ronnie Corbett look-a-like opens the commercial with a spot of polka dancing. He’s knocked off screen by Alan the presenter with an utterly senseless irresponsible act of violence, illustrating what is happening to the Tango brand in the UK. We’re shown behind the scenes as staff launch the “Save the Tango” campaign with a Can Fist salute. Fund raising for the campaign is all non-PC in nature. St Enid’s primary school, for example, turns into a sweat shop making t-shirts for the Eastern market. The Ronson family have sublet their living room to the local motorcycle gang. The madness continues…

Click on the image below to play the video.

The Save Tango site also includes Alan’s campaign blog, , stencils, wallpapers and posters, the Tango Ultra game (keep clicking to get more and more Tango), vintage telly ads, links to the Facebook group, Flickr profile and YouTube channel.

Tango Sod the Panda poster


Bartle Bogle Hegarty London by creative director Nick Gill and creatives Richard McGrann and Andy Clough, typographer Chris Chapman.

Filming was shot by Ben Gregor via Knucklehead, London with producers Lindsay Turnham and Josh Davies.