Santa goes Centro

The Palm® Centro™ smartphone is being peddled by a metro version of Santa Claus in the campaign, “Santa’s Gone Centro”. An online site, Text Claus, calls for text messages to be sent to the madeover Santa Claus, who has clearly lost years, weight and any sense of shame by using email, internet messaging, Facebook, voice and web mail. The campaign is also online at Facebook with downloadable music and imagery.

Santa Klaus Remixed in Palm Centro campaign

Santa Claus (pronounced as in blouse) reveals all at the SantaGoesCentral Youtube site. “For most of my life, I’ve only been coming out on one night of the year to spread holiday cheer. But now, I am spreading the love all year long and I think it’s because of my new palm Centro. I can do so much on this phone it’s… well, magical.”

Rooftop DJ

Santa’s cellphone reminds him just how much life there is to live throughout the year, living life as a sought after DJ.

Click on the image below to play the video.

Parking the Reindeer

Klaus tries to help the valet out with parking the reindeer.

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Also see Anthem, Tell All Exclusive Part 1,


The Santa Goes Centro campaign was developed at Creature, Seattle by Jim Haven and Matt Peterson. Filming was produced at Bob Industries.

Charlie Noran at Songs for Soap tells us that Creature recruited Rondo Brothers to provide the Claus Anthem, featuring rapper Motion Man.