Samedi channels Voodoo

Frucor, the company that developed V, is launching a new energy drink, Samedi, named after Baron Samedi, a loa (spirit) of death, sex and resurrection in the Voodoo religion of Haiti. Baron Samedi is one of the Guédé, usually seen wearing top hat, black coat tails, sunglasses, and smoking a cigar.

Samedi cans in New Orleans

The Clemenger BBDO team looking after the launch traveled to the cemeteries and swamps of New Orleans to connect with Baron Samedi himself to ask him for advice on how to promote the sense of ‘awakening’ associated with the new drink. With the aid of Voodoo priests and priestesses, Clemenger channelled the spirit of Samedi and asked the Baron himself how he would like to market the drink that bears his name.

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The Clemenger BBDO team, including associate creative director Guy Rooke, copywriter/cynic Alex Derwin, and art director Heather Sheen, are blogging the journey at Samedi Says, with an associated channels at Vimeo channel, YouTube and Flickr.

The New Orleans trip yielded a 30-minute documentary that will premier on MTV on 30 November. The documentary follows Clemenger’s creatives to New Orleans, and explores the world of Voodoo, painting the religion and the Baron in a positive, energetic light. Here’s a sample of what can be expected in the documentary.

Click on the image below to play the video.

Clemenger associate creative director Guy Rooke said, “Samedi translates into Saturday, and it’s all about how you feel when you wake up on Saturday morning. You’re happy and full of energy and you want to go out and party. That’s what Samedi is about.”

“We have to create culture, we can no longer interrupt it. You can’t just rely on a certain number of eyes watching your ads, they have to want to watch it.”

The team have released a series of sixty five to ten second “blipverts” , acting as teasers for the past week and a half, and two 60-second trailers will screen on 24 November.

The online and print side of the campaign will be rolled out from the first of December, along with sampling and a hunt for “The Blessed Batch” of Samedi.

Samedi contains the same Guarana as V but with the Taurine and Caffeine of Red Bull, Rockstar and Mother. Available in a large 500ml can in silver with a matt finish, the dark mysterious brand name with personality and an international feel is being developed to appeal to the target market of 16 to 29 year old active males looking for that strong energy hit.


The Samedi campaign was developed at Clemenger BBDO, Sydney, by executive creative director Richard Maddocks, creative director Guy Rooke, art director Alex Derwin, creative director/art director/copywriter/designer Baron Samedi, digital art director Brett Bimson, designer Monika Domaschenz, account planner Dan Pankraz, senior account manager Jackie McIver, digital producer Harley Tesoriero, and agency producer Denise Mckeon.

Filming was shot by director Michael Joy via Luscious International Pictures with producer Lawrence Foster, online editor Toby Royce. Sound was designed by Andrew Stevenson. Music was licensed by Trailer Media.