Samaritans Vectorscope of Pain

Samaritans, a volunteer counseling organisation, has launched a new recruitment TV advert featuring a vectorscope. The vectorscope visualises the sounds carried over a telephone, including screaming faces, a heart wrapped in barbed wire and a bird of prey. The question is, “Could you listen to this?”

Vectorscope in Samaritans TV advert

Click on the image below to play the video.


Samaritans Vectorscope was developed at Lunar BBDO, London, by creative directors Ben Kay and Daryl Corps.

Filming/animation was directed by Christian Bevilacqua at Therapy Films, London, with animators Martin Stacey and Justin Summers, and producer Kate Aitken.

Sound was designed by Joe Mount at Wave Studios, London. Music was provided by Tom Ingleby, Adelphoi Music, London.

Steve Hall at Adgabber isn’t too impressed with the length of time it takes to get to the point. There are mixed opinions at Motionographer. What do you think?

via Lunar BBDO Blog