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Run Cactus Kid Run,, today’s Site of the Day, is central to an advertising campaign for Coca-Cola’s drink Oasis run between June and September 2008 in the UK. The Run Cactus Run Kid (an obvious reference to Forrest Gump) campaign was designed to resonate and drive word of mouth amongst the 20-something male and female target audience. Two key elements, narrative and interaction, are woven into the story of two lead characters who don’t like water, preferring to drink only Oasis.

Run Cactus Kid Run site

The campaign focuses on the struggles of ‘Cactus Kid’, half cactus half man, and his devoted and outspoken girlfriend ‘Cactus Girl’. Cactus Kid’s unusual green and prickly cactus-like looks and dislike of water earn him the love of his girl but also the persecution of a society that would rather see him outcast than accepted.

Shot in Mexico in the style of a classic American road movie, the three episodic TV ads are reminiscent of films including Rebel Without a Cause, True Romance, Bad Lands and Thelma & Louise. An additional extended spot named ‘Hospital’ has been shot with three different endings, sad, happy and twist, so that fans of the campaign can vote online for the outcome they would most like to see of the relationship between ‘Cactus Kid’ and ‘Cactus Girl’. All commercials, and a few extra videos, are online at the Run Cactus Kid Run YouTube channel.

Run Cactus Kid Run Trailer

An introduction to the campaign shown in cinemas.

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Cactus Girl breaks the news to her mother.

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The couple stop for a drink at El Pedregal Restaurant.

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Cactus Kid and Cactus Girl narrowly escape capture at The Americas Motel.

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The chosen ending for the series.

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Mothers Against Cactus Kid (M.A.C.K.) tells the story of Cactus Girl’s mother Merrill Dawning, who believes her daughter was kidnapped by Cactus Kid and in protest founded the organisation Mothers Against Cactus Kid online. Merrill has set the cops on Cactus Kid in order to rescue her daughter.

Mothers Against Cactus Kid Run site

The Hunt For Cactus Kid

The hunt for Cactus Kid is headed by a rouge US sheriff who is hot on the trail of the duo. He has enlisted the help of the online public at to help him find Cactus Kid in a Google Maps based Mechanical Turk application with a $2000 reward.

Find Cactus Kid site

Cactus Girl on MySpace

Cactus girl vents her frustrations with her hometown, living with her parents, and being on the run on her Myspace video blog,

Cactus Kid Flickr Photos

Photos can be found online at the Oasis Flickr site.


The ‘Run Cactus Kid, Run’ campaign was created by ad agency Mother London.

Filming was shot by director Mike Maguire via Independent, London. The ‘Cactus Kid’ character was brought to life by the Oscar winning makeup artists at Stan Winston Studio in LA (Predator, Alien, Terminator and Jurassic Park).

Munky worked alongside Tareq Kubaisiand & Simon Bourne of Prime Focus who graded the film to convey a look similar to the 70’s film “Badlands

Online components were developed at Glue London.

Media was handled by Vizeum.

Sound and music was mixed by Sam Ashwell at 750 mph.