RSPCA Using Crazy Talking Pets for Christmas

VivaPets and the RSPCA Brighton in the UK worked with CrazyTalk this year to send out a Christmas appeal from the pets. The software package from Real Illusion was used to provide a talking mouth for Moggy the Rescue Cat who introduces us to the cats and dogs that need support this Christmas. See more on the software at today’s site of the day, Crazy Talking Pets.

Talking Pets

“Everybody might ever go after a dream pet who can talk to your family, but it usually happens in the movies. CrazyTalk5 interfaces facial animation with revolutionary real-time puppeteering controls empowering you with command performance over character facial expressions. Simply prepare a 2D photo of your pet, and you can create an incredible natural talking pet in a few minutes.”

Using a black cat provides contrast challenges in this RSPCA Appeal video. Names for the pets would have helped as well.

Perhaps a more effective use of the software is provided here with Dog Rockstar.