RSPCA Pets are not toys

RSPCA in Australia launched a campaign over the summer break to remind parents to think more seriously before buying a pet. The print advertising campaign showed pets retouched as toys: a rabbit with a string, a dog on wheels, a cat with batteries. Each pet (or toy) is shown abandoned and lifeless. The text: “Pets aren’t toys. Please think before you buy your child a pet.”

Rabbit as toy in RSPCA print advertisement

Dog as toy in RSPCA print advertisement

Cat as toy in RSPCA print advertisement


The RSPCA Pets Toys campaign was developed at JWT Sydney by executive creative directors Jay Benjamin and Andy DiLallo, art director John Lam, copywriter Laurie Geddes, typographer Jeffrey Oley, photographer Sean Izzard, and retoucher Marcus Thyer of Cave Image Manipulation.