RSPCA and Domestic Violence

Animal welfare organisation RSPCA is linking the abuse of animal rights with domestic violence in this disturbing print campaign. Associated with a hard hitting television advertising campaign and the website,, the four print ads explore ways in which the work of RSPCA inspectors is integrated with awareness of abuse of children, psychological problems and police investigations.

Bruised boy in RSPCA ad

Animal cruelty shows itself in many ways. Nearly 20% of abused children in turn abuse animals. That’s why, when an RSPCA Inspector discovers a child is responsible for an act of animal cruelty, they know it may not only be the pet that needs help. Often by alerting welfare organisations, our inspectors have helped prevent not just animal abuse but child abuse.

Bruised woman in RSPCA ad

We help deal with all kinds of animals. Nearly 57% of domestic abuse victims delay seeking help, fearing if they do, their pets will be harmed. Through our Pet Protection programs, the RSPCA ensures these women get the help they need by looking after their pets.

Mean man in RSPCA ad

Over 100 cases of assault. 27 aggravated cruelty convictions. 1 of our finest. Slade Macklin is an RSPCA inspector and he does far more than just rescue kittens. Like all our inspectors he can work alongside the police on raids subduing vicious guard dogs and face verbal and physical abuse every day whilst investigating animal cruelty offenders.

Mean woman in RSPCA ad

We quite often find that people do look like their pets. When our inspectors find someone hoarding animals it’s not only the pets that are suffering. That’s because this kind of abuse is a sign of a serious psychological problem. So after rescuing their pets, RSPCA Inspectors ensure hoarders get the professional medical and counselling help they need.

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The RSPCA abuse campaign was developed at The Campaign Palace Sydney, by executive creative director Paul Fishlock, art director Andrew Town, art director/typographer Thom Davy, copywriter/designer Laurie Ingram, account director David Hartmann, typographer Thom Davy, hair and makeup artist Amanda Redgrave, stylist Suzanne King. Photography was by Andreas Smetana, with Kristen Castree and Jeremy Graham.

  • sac

    This is an excellent effort. I hope it will prove to be effective and save lives – human and animal. I am proud to promote these images on my website. They can be found on the “pet” page.

  • Sophie Allbright

    Domestic violence has to stop, i think it is absolutely disgusting how people can do this to others. its the same who abused their pets people shouldn’t have pets if their just going to hurt them and in many cases the innocent animal dies.

  • RSPCA kill 12,000 dogs in Queensland. RSPCA are animal control, not animal care. This is just a stunt to get more $ from donations. It is not real. RSPCA will rub chickens in mud then hold them up to the camera to show how abused they were by their owners pretending to be animal saviors. They did this to Salthouse in RSPCA Animal Rescue. RSPCA administer an act of parliament with police powers and no supervision. Google “stanford prison experiment” to learn why RSPCA have gone rogue. Then google “rspca corruption” or “rspca poodles” or “ruth downey” to learn how rogue RSPCA have gone.

  • Ruqayyah

    We need to learn how to Respect the world we live in.
    Learn to love others before you love youreslf!
    God Bless and goodnight X x

  • leah

    this is really sad i would never do that to my children the people who abuse their kids should be punnished it wrong

  • Jessica Gauvreau

    omg CHILD ABUSE NEEDS 2 STOP……its so sad.. i rele hope that ppl relize what they are doing because abusing a kid is just like killing a kid the only diff. is that they suffer more when they get abused… me i know how it feels

  • krystal

    all i have to say is what the hell is wrong with people.
    children don’t deserve to be treated like this.

  • Charlotte

    How could any one do this to such little and young children it is so wrong children should deserve better than that they deserve a family who loves then and cares for them not to be beten to death by them why have children if you know you carnt care for them It Is better to give your child up than to beat them plz put a full stop. To child abuse they deserve better than that.

  • Suki Uchiha

    omg this is so sad i can’t believe anyone is brutal enough to hurt children. i mean i know the world is a bad plaave and all but abusing children is just wrong and inhumane. who adopts a pet just to hurt it. when things happen like that those victims are mentally scared forever. it will never go away.

  • deja carrasquillo

    that shit crazy how they beat them kids like that