Riva Make More of the Moment

Riva instant coffee, a Cerebos Australia product, is being relaunched with “Make more of the moment”, a television commercial aimed at younger coffee drinkers. Riva is competing with the main players in Australia, Nestle’s Nescafe and Douwe Egbert’s Moccona brands, which together hold over 80 percent of the market.

Russ in Riva Make More of the Moment TV commercial

Russ, a web designer who works from home, walks from his city apartment to the store and back, providing us with a running commentary on the rich coffee he had this morning, Craig the parking officer, his need for change, preparation for a dinner party, the row between Oliver and Judy in number 5, the bad girl Saskia escaping number 5 with the very nice outfit, Penny the girl sending off a helium balloon in an apartment block across the street and Giuseppe the depressed grocer. As he walks past the street cafe he thinks about the strong Riva coffee he had earlier.

Riva has a profile of the seven characters and a list of things to spot in the video online at rivaviva.com.au, along with further videos in the series.

Click on the image below to play the video.

George Crocker, CEO of Cerebos Australia New Zealand, said, “With this new campaign we are looking to engage and entertain our audience. They are, after all, the cafe generation and we understand the role that instant coffee plays in their world and that’s it’s different to previous generations. The new Riva campaign is a new, fresh take on the experience that is associated with drinking coffee.”


The More of the Moment campaign was developed at colman rasic carrasco by creatives Dejan Rasic and Rebecca Carrasco with agency producer Rene Shalala and account manager Ben Colman.

“We’ve found a new way into a category with an idea which is both relevant and entertaining, avoiding all the coffee ad cliches,” says Ben Colman, CEO of colman rasic carrasco.

Filming was shot in Auckland by director Nathan Price via Capital City Films, with director of photography Ginny Loane, producer Julie Elstone, editor Tim Mauger.

Sound design and music composition were provided by Sound Reservoir, Sydney.