Rexona Futurisk For Men of the Future

Rexona is presented as the anti-perspirant of the future in Futurisk, a TV ad. “New Rexona” is demonstrated in action in a world full of robots, combat action and virtual security guards. A young businessman prepares for a meeting at Global Corp Inc, set for 9 am. With only five minutes to spare he sets out on the street only to be accosted by a robot dog on the loose. He manages to get his way to a personal transporter and walks into the office right on time. Five minutes of adrenalin-filled action doesn’t show on his clothes, thanks to the Rexona Men he’d had sprayed on by his robot at home. “New Rexona for Men Absolute. Future ready protection”.

Rexona applied by robot

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Futurisk was developed at Lowe, New York, by chief creative officer Mark Wnek, executive creative director Fernanda Romano, creative director Steve Lundberg, copywriters Roger Baran, Keke Toledo, Sasha Stollman, directors of integrated production Sara Eolin and Jill Meschino.

Filming was shot by director Matthjis van Heijninen via MJZ, Los Angeles/New York, with director of photography Christopher Soos, executive producers David Zander and Jeff Scruton and producer Betsy Oliver.

Virtual guard car alarm in Rexona Futurisk ad

Post production was done at The Mill, by Shoot supervisor Hitesh Patel, Flame artists Chris Knight, Phil Crowe, Paul Kirsch, David Parker, combustion artists Jeanette Williford, Ross Goldstein, Daniel Price, Shake artists Becky Porter, Darren Christie, lead CG artist Robert Kolbeins, CG artists Jamie O’Hara, Meng-Yang Lu, Xavier Zahara, Piotr Karwas, Robert Kuczera, John Leonti, James Sindle, support artist Bob Wolf, deputy executive producer Helen Hughes, production coordinator Arielle Davis.

Colourist was Sean Coleman at Company 3. Editor was Joe Guest at Final Cut. Sound was mixed by Peter Holcomb at Sound Lounge. Music and sound were designed at Yessian, New York and Detroit.

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