Renault Megane Parts Race

Renault‘s ‘everything is sport’ campaign was given a lift by Parts, a TV ad in which Megane car parts race around a hi-tech car assembly part.

Renault Megane car parts in race

As two factory workers lower a yellow Megane on a car lift, then the camera cuts to the other end of the building, where spark plugs, tires, brake disks and callipers are racing down the hall. Their frenetic pace and competitive tricks are reminiscent of the pod racer scene in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, and the speeder bike scene in Return of the Jedi. On the wall we see photographs demonstrating the Renault racing heritage.

Renault Megane car parts

Through a process of elimination and ‘first in first serve’ the Renault’s car parts arrive in the assembly hall and become attached to the chassis.

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Parts spot was developed at Publicis, London by creative director Stuart Farquhar, art director Alistair Ross, account planners Anton Reyniers and Jonathan Campbell, agency producer Colin Hickson.

Filming was shot at Shepperton studios by Australian directors Michael Gracey and Pete Commins via Partizan, London, with director of photography Alex Barber and producer Ella Sanderson.

Editor was Ben Harrex at Final Cut, London.

Post Production was done at Moving Pictures Company, London, by producer Paul Branch, colorist Mark Gethin, VFX supervisors Carsten Keller, Suzanne Jandum, Lead animator Jorge Montiel, Lead Lighting : Andrew Lodge, VFX team members Anthony Bloor, Andreas Graichen, Alfonso Sicilia, Mike Cawood, Mike Gilbert, Clare Pakeman, Georgios Cherouvim, Ahmed Gharraph, Adrian Williams, Kieran Belshaw, Dave ‘Skippy’ Clifton, Chrys Aldred, Pete Rypstra, Alex Harding, Sterling Archibald, Dean Robinson, Lewis Guarniere, Olivier Jezequel, and Rich McKeand.

Music is Presto, from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons: Summer.