Relance Compress in Portugal

Relance, a new magazine in Portugal, is focusing on design, architecture, fashion, food, and many other subjects. Their effects-driven slow-motion television commercial explores the metaphor of compressing – symbolizing the number of components compressed into the magazine.

Compressed eggs in Relance commercial

The spot was filmed in HD at 1000 fps using the Phantom HD high speed camera. The voice over says “A mindful look at everything contemporaneous.”

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Compress spot was developed at Uzina, Lisbon, Portugal, by creative direcotr Gustavo Suarez, art director André Breda, copywriter Bob Ferraz, and account director António Roquette.

Filming was shot by director Enrique Escamilla via Garage, Lisbon, with director of photography Carlos Lopes (a.k.a Cácá), executive producer Miguel Varela, editor Marcos Castiel.

Post production was done at Ingreme, Lisbon, by director Marta Metrass, Phantom operator Raoul Rodriguez, editor Marcos Castiel.

Sound post-production was done at Ameba, Lisbon.

Music, “Painting Monsters” by QUA, was composed by Cornel Wilczek and sourced by Level Two, Sydney.