Read A Book at Work in New Zealand

The New Zealand Book Council has launched an undercover web site aimed at introducing literature to the office. Office workers are engage in the work of selected authors and poets in a format that appears to be work related. Read At Work opens up with what at first appears to be a Windows login screen. Visitors are invited to log as NZ Book Council Guest. The Flash presentation opens up in full screen with a Windows XP screen with folders offering poetry, short stories and satire in PowerPoint format.

Ice Palace PowerPoint


George Orwell Animal Farm
Emily Dickinson I bring an unaccustomed wine
T S Eliot Portrait of a Lady
Oscar Wilde The Happy Prince
Leo Tolstoy After the Dance
Mark Twain A Dog’s Tale
F Scott Fitzgerald The Ice Palace
Jonathan Swift Ode to Doctor William Sancroft
Virginia Woolf The Mark on the Wall

NZ Authors

Charlotte Grimshaw The Body
Tim Jones Win a Day with Mikhail Gorbachev
Fiona Kidman Heaven Freezes
Carl Nixon The Last Good Day of Autumn
Julian Novitz The Bugger
Sue Orr Velocity
Brian Turner Listening to the River
Brian Turner Elegy in the Clutha Valley

Listening to the River PowerPoint


The Read at Work concept was developed at Colenso BBDO, Auckland, by executive creative directors Nick Worthington and Richard Maddocks, art directors/copywriters Lisa Fedyszyn and Jonathan McMahon, group account director Michael Redwood, account director Jo Wealleans, agency producer Paul Courtney, designers Ainsley Waite and Raffaella Wilson, interactive designer/developer Tim Smith, interactive producer Hamish Wanhill, interactive designers Simon Koay & Phil Newman.