Radio Nova Vinyl Art

French radio station Radio Nova promoted its broad range of genres this year with a series of print advertisements featuring vinyl records. The hole in the middle of each long playing disc has become the centrepiece of a work of art related to the genres of funk, world, rap, jazz, indie, Cuba, folk, ska and James Brown.

Radio Nova World

Radio Nova Funk

Radio Nova Rap

Radio Nova Jazz

Radio Nova Indie

Radio Nova Cuba

Radio Nova Folk

Radio Nova SkaRadio Nova James Brown


The Radio Nova series was developed at Y&R Paris, Boulogne Billancourt, France, by creative director group Les Six, art director/illustrator (Jazz) Jessica Gerard-Huet, copywriter/illustrator (Cuba) Jean-Fran├žois Bouchet, illustrators Jean Spezial (Nova, Folk, Ska), AMi Collective (Indie, Funk, Rap), and Richard Mongenet (James), with photographer Roger Turqueti.