Racism Makes Me Sick in Australia

ANTAR, Australians for Native Title and Reconciliation, has collaborated with The Body Shop to launch a print and online campaign focusing on racism in Australia. “Racism Makes Me Sick” explores the connection between racism and public health, showing howe experiences of racism can be linked with high blood pressure and heart disease, depression, anxiety, low birth rate and premature birth.

Racism makes me sick poster - male

Racism makes me sick poster - female

The campaign includes a ‘Racism makes me sick’ quiz, able to be embedded in Facebook or other web sites.

‘It is vital that individuals in Australia have the information and resources to tackle racism in their community’ said Gary Highland, ANTaR National Director. ‘Standing up to racist attitudes in workplaces, schools and family is a fundamental step in overcoming the Indigenous health crisis in Australia. There is a 17-year gap in life expectancy between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians. Improved healthcare alone may not close this gap, unless positive changes occur in attitudes and behaviour towards Indigenous Australians”.

The Racism Makes Me Sick campaign aims to engage all Australians, particularly those who feel at a loss for ideas on how they can contribute to removing Indigenous disadvantage.

ANTaR is asking individual Australians to combat racism by:

1. Getting the facts about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians
2. Challenging and speaking up to racist stereotypes and misinformed comments
3. Taking positive action in support of Indigenous people

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