Powderfinger I Don’t Remember in Brisbane

Powderfinger’s music video for “I Don’t Remember” was filmed in Samford, near Brisbane. The clip shows children acting as members of Powderfinger (Littlefinger), among their peers, including members of Silverchair (Highchair) and Wolfmother (Wolfmummy).

Powderfinger I Don't Remember

The video begins with a boy on a school bus, daydreaming as he listens to “I Don’t Remember” on his iPod. He becomes Bernie (as in Bernard Fanning). Channel [Z] reporter Su-Mi is a reference to Yumi Stynes, from Australian music station, Channel V. Look out for references to Big Day Out (Little Day Out), Sleepy Jackson (Shhh! Jackson sleeping), Milo (Smilo), Australian photographer Tony Mott (Tony Mop) and News Ltd (News Unlimited).

Click on the image below to play the video.. Note that Universal Music Group have removed this music video in most countries.


Filming for “I Don’t Remember” was produced at Fifty Fifty Films, based in Logan, near Brisbane. Scott Walton and Paul Butler worked with Powderfinger on earlier videos, including “Passenger” “Waiting For The Sun”, “Like a Dog”, “My Happiness”, and “My Kind of Scene”.