Pangea Imagine France Singing USA

Pangea Day, the global short film movement, is being launched on May 10, 2008 and is being promoted with a series of short films in which choirs sing the anthem of another country. In this spot a group of French singers take on The Star Spangled Banner. The act of singing this anthem is designed to be a statement about reconciliation, mutual understanding and movement towards international cooperation. So what’s the history here? There was a brief maritime war between the two countries in the late 1790s, indirectly leading to the 1812 war with Britain. The Star Spangled Banner was written during the war of 1812. What’s the history since then? Maybe the Americans or French could fill in the gaps…

French men sing USA national anthem


The films were commissioned by interactive agency Johannes Leonardo.

Filming was shot by director Laurent Briet via Mister BoomBoom, Paris, with executive producers Violaine Etienne and Stephanie Bruni.

Combined flags were provided by conceptual artist Mariano Favetto.

The American National Anthem “Star Spangled Banner”, originally composed by Francis Scott Key, is sung here by L’Echo râleur, la rock’n chorale AOC, directed by conductor Bruno Droux, from “Airs Libres”. The music was recorded by Tristan Abgral at the Auditorium de Saint Ouen. Choir members are Bruno Allouche, Christine Bacnus, Gilles Barbault, Amandine Brunschwig, Laure Carrale, Florian Couveinhes, Caroline Ganne, Sylvie Guittard, Florence Jego, Marie Mélodie Herbet, Stephanie Hue, Vincent Hurtel, Anne Lasnier, Anne Solenn Le Bihan, Jean Louis Machine, Ian Madison, Olivier Mignot, Romain Montfort, Ghislaine Peltier, Pascal Pique, Olivier Pracht, Valerie Renaudat, Jacques Rognant, Karine Schmidt, Sophie Sienne, Didier Mouton. English coach was Michele Troise.