Pangea Imagine Australia singing Lebanon

Pangea Day, on May 10, is an international collection of films made to enhance world harmony. The event is being celebrated with a series of short films in which a choir learns, understands and sings the national anthem of another country. The films, commissioned by Johannes Leonardo, have been developed by film directors in France, Australia, Kenya, USA, England and Japan.

Australians sing Lebanese national anthem

Australia sing Lebanon

Directed by Kris Moyes at Revolver, this group in Sydney sings Kullna Lilwatan, the national anthem of Lebanon. What’s the connection here? There is a high number of Lebanese people living in Sydney. Media coverage of young gangs of Lebanese men has deepened already existing tension in the city, and culminated in what become known as the Cronulla riots of 2004. It is significant that the Bra Boys, a white gang who have historically clashed with the Lebanese, are singing here.

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Filming was shot by Kris Moyes via Revolver, Sydney, with executive producer Michael Ritchie, Cayce Cole (The Directors Bureau), director of photography Denson Baker and producer Georgina Wilson.

The spot was edited at Guillotine by Alexandre De Franceschi. Post production effects were developed at Fin Design & Effects by producer Billy Beckett, Flame operator Christophe Allender. Sound was designed at Nylon Studios by executive producer Mark Beckhaus, producer Karina Pitt, and sound engineer Nathanial Joyce.

The Combined flags were provided by conceptual artist Mariano Favetto.

Choir members were Sunny Abberton, Shane Manning, Macario de Souza, Nick Nasar, Terry Hulme, Richard Vasilic, Samantha Wake, Holly Wake, Aleisha, Kiyahna Lawrie-Abberton, Nioka, Kathy and Harley Yeo, Serena Weatherall, Rachael Haden, Matt McNeile, Ben Cox, Tyson Koh, Katy Plummer, Kuba Dorabialski, Bruno Dorabialski, Helen Fitzgerald, Denson Baker, Kris Moyes, and Alex Kember.

The choir was instructed by Antonio Khalil, Vicki Maroun, Fina Barakat, Father Challita Boustany, The Cedars of Lebanon Folkloric Group and Elie Akouri. Dance instructor was Wakim Wakim.

Lyrics for Lebanese National Anthem

Kulluna lil-watan, lil’ula lil-‘alam
Mil’u ayn az-zaman, saifuna wal-qalam
Sahluna wal-jabal, manbitun lir-rijal
Qawluna wal-‘amal fi sabil al-kamal
Kulluna lil-watan, lil’ula lil-‘alam, Kulluna lil-watan

Shaykhuna wal-fata, ‘Inda sawt al-watan
Usdu ghaben mata, sawaratna al-fitan
Sharquna qalbuhu, abadan Lubnan
Sanahu rabbuhu, li-mada al-azman
Kulluna lil-watan, lil’ula lil-‘alam, Kulluna lil-watan

Bahruhu barruhu, durratu-sharqayn
Ramzuhu birruhu, mali’ al-qutbayn
Ismuhu ‘izzuhu, munzou kana al-judud
Majduhu arzuhu, ramzuhu lil-khulud
Kulluna lil-watan, lil’ula lil-‘alam, kulluna lil-watan

Translation into English

All for the country, for the glory, for the flag
From the beginning of centuries, our pencil and sword
Our field and mountains are making the men
Our word and work on the way of perfection
All for the country, for the glory for the flag

Young and old at the voice of the country
Lions of forest at the time of violation
Our east is its heart forever Lebanon Its
God protects it all over the time
All for the country, for the glory for the flag

Its sea, its land, are the pearl of the two orients
Its symbol, its charity, fill up the two poles
Its name is its triumph since the time of our grandfathers
Its glory is its cedars, its symbol is for the end of epochs
All for the country, for the glory for the flag