Panasonic Lumix Won’t Miss A Thing

Panasonic in Thailand promoted the zoom capacity of the Lumix camera with two print advertisements earlier this year. A fire and a murder each present a mystery to be solved. To get straight to the person responsible check out the close up on the camera’s screen at the bottom of the ads (Click on the two ads for a higher resolution version).

Fire captured by Panasonic Lumix print advertisement

Murder captured by Panasonic Lumix print advertisement


The Lumix series was developed at JWT Bangkok, Thailand, by chief creative officer Pinit Chantaprateep, creative director Satit Jantawiwat, art director Teeravit Kimsatra, copywriter Taya Soonthonvipat, agency producer Nongluck Rattanapong, photographer Pornchai Wongkila via Chamni’s Eye, and retoucher Isionary.