Oxfam Roar for Humankind

Oxfam in the UK has launched a call to action with ‘Roar’, an animated TV advert in which a woman is so moved by injustice that she lets out a defiant roar. Viewers are encouraged to “Be Humankind” and visit www.oxfam.org.uk

Oxfam Lady

News that has the potential to produce wariness instead develops passion for action. Another flood in Asia, world poverty, HIV infection rates, climate change, they fly through the air like mosquitoes or flies. It’s the time to be aware, be moved, be involved. Be Humankind – visit www.oxfam.org.uk

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Be Humankind campaign was developed at RKCR Y&R by creatives Stephen Moss and Jolyon Finch, producer Claudio Gorini, and junior producer Maria Prado-Uricoechea.


Animation was directed by SSSR (Marc Reisbig) via Passion Pictures with director of photography Mark Chamberlain, producers Kayt Hall and Anna Lord, executive producer Hugo Sands, CG producers Jason Nicholas and Chris Knott, CG production manager Laurence Vacher, modellers Matt Westrup and Pierre Lopes, rigger Chris Dawson, animators Lina Kousnetsova, Donny Mahmood and Haavard Ness, lighting and renderers Tommy Andersson, Claire Michaud, Sajjad Amjad, compositors Niamh Lines, Yu Sato, John Williams, Marc Reisbig, David Lea, 2D traditional FX artist Barney Russell, VFX sSupervisor Neil Riley and Matt Day, artists Matt Cooper, Mark Harper, Alex Barrow, Yu Sato, Kristian Hammerstad, Marc Reisbig
studio manager / gaffer Denis Russo.

Editors were Klaus Heinecke, Jaime Rubio and Tim King.

Model backgrounds were shot on digital stills cameras composited with CG characters and VFX. Xsi, AfterFX, Final Cut Pro.

Telecine was produced by colourist Jamie Wilkinson at The Mill, London. Flame was worked on by Gary Brown, Munky, London.

Music, New Born, was provided by Muse, from the 2003 album Origin of Symmetry.


via Motionographer who host Roar as a 20 mb quicktime video.

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