Outsmart The Master Cigarettes

Pfizer Australia is challenging smokers to outsmart cigarettes in ‘The Master’, a campaign featuring a manipulative pack of cigarettes in a bell jar who who taunts smokers with thinly-veiled doubt and cynicism about their ability to quit. “Ask your doctor or pharmacist about treatments that can help you break the hold of nicotine addiction.”

Master So you want to quit - really?

It won't be happy hour without me
Master So you want to quit - really?


The Master campaign was developed at Ursa Communications Sydney by executive creative director Denis Mamo, creatives Helen Shortis and Geoff Fischer, and executive producer Martin Heogh-Guldberg, with photographer Penny Clay and retoucher Jason Riddell.

“We developed the concept around the insight that smokers are more likely to be serious about quitting and even seek help when they are frustrated with being a slave to their habit. ‘The Master’ was designed to stir that frustration and spur quitters into taking positive action,” said Denis Mamo, executive creative director of Ursa.

See the campaign online at www.outsmartcigarettes.com.au