Oras Cubista Taps

Oras, one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of faucets, has used cubist art to present a new line of taps (faucets). The Oras Cubista faucet line, designed by Kirsi Svärd at ED Design, has been strongly inspired by cubism, the avant-garde art movement pioneered by Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque. The modern, understated faucets with geometrically clear lines can be easily placed in different environments and connected to different interior designs.

Oras Cubista print advertisement

Oras Cubista print advertisement

Oras Cubista print advertisement


The Cubista print advertising campaign was developed at Taivas, Helsinki, Finland, by copywriter Marku Haapalehto, art director Nestori Brück, graphic designer Nestori Brück, with photography by Christian Yakowlef, Kuvaamo, and retouching by Tuomas Korpi, Fake Graphics.

The campaign won a Bronze at Epica Awards 2008.

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