OpShop One Day

New Zealand band OpShop (MySpace) have a music video for the single, One Day, the song that is being used in the NZ Post commercials, the third single from Second Hand Planet. Front man Jason Kerison sings in a duet with guest vocalist Dianne Swann (The Bads).

OpShop in One Day music video

Click on the image below to play the video.


Filming at Genesis Theatre in Manukau was shot by Flying Start Pictures director Luke Sharpe via Bunker Media, with director of photography Crighton Bone and VFX artist Matt Westbrooke. Backing vocals were provided by Dianne Swann (The Bads).

Shot on film in a studio in Auckland City, the pictures were transferred and graded at Digipost by senior colourist Pete Williams.

Digipost digital artist Matt Westbrooke added set extensions and 2D effects in Inferno, including sky and lightning and several other subtle environmental enhancements.

Williams added the finishing touches in the Spirit suite.