One Voices faced by Matt Damon

ONE, the international organisation fighting for an end to poverty, has launched a television commercial to be aired in the United States in the lead up to the Presidential election. Matt Damon speaks for 30 seconds, channelling the voices of everyday Americans, along with well known personalities Michelle Obama, Cindy McCain and Mayor Bloomberg.

Matt Damon in One Voices television commercial

“Thanks to everyday Americans who chose to make a difference millions of lives have been saved in the world’s poorest countries. 41 million more children have been able to go school. 3 million more people living with AIDS have access to life saving medication. 3 million fewer children have died from preventable diseases. But there’s still more to do. In this election year please join the millions of Americans from every party, Democrats, Republicans, Independents who are coming together as one. We welcome your voice. Thankyou.”

Click on the image below to play the video.. Double click to visit the video at YouTube.


The One Voices campaign was developed at The Martin Agency, Richmond, VA, by creative director Mike Hughes, art director Steve Sage, copywriter Eric Dome, and producer Brian Cooper.

Filming was shot by director Malik Hassan Sayeed via Little Minx/RSA Films, with line producer Tony McGarry, editor Ashley Kreamer at Final Cut Editorial, and sound designer Rob Difondi at The Sound Lounge.

“From Iowa all the way through South Dakota and Montana, Barack and I have met so many members of the ONE Campaign who are dedicated to ensuring this country plays a leadership role in fighting global poverty and disease” said Michelle Obama. “Barack believes that we all have both a security stake and a moral obligation to help those across the world most in need. It’s not only the right thing to do, but it’s the smart thing to do in building a stronger, safer and more just world for our children and our children’s children.”

“I recently traveled to Rwanda with the ONE Campaign for the first time since my visit there in 1994, at the height of the Rwandan genocide. I was pleased to see how simple, affordable U.S. investments are saving lives, helping transform communities and building goodwill toward America,” said Cindy McCain. “I am proud of the ONE Campaign for spreading this message and raising the profile of these vital issues in this election.”