One Spring Away Ad Mashup

On November 11 we wrote up The Ad Song, a mash up of mostly Australian television commercials. Here’s another music video, directed by graphic designer and singer Roni Brunn, using footage from 41 commercials from around the world in two minutes 37 seconds.

One Spring Away Ad mashup

The spot includes footage from Cadbury’s drumming gorilla, three Sony Bravia spots (balls, rabbits and dominos), The Gap Khaki Swing, Starbucks Glen, Volkswagen Polo Dog, and James Brown from the BMW Drive series. The ad mash up is a visual take on the work of Girl Talk (Gregg Gillis) a DJ

Music is “One Spring Away” by From, a one girl (Roni Brunn) band from Los Angeles, and will be featured on the album “Fair Isle” when it is released in 2009.

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