Olympic.org Inspires The Best of Us

The International Olympic Committee built up awareness of the olympic.org website in the lead up to the Beijing Olympics with an integrated advertising campaign, The Best of Us. The objective, communicating the key Olympic values of execellence, friendship and respect to a global youth audience, The Best of Us campaign is a simple, powerful idea that transcends cultures and borders, motivating young people around the world to participate in sport by proving that sport can bring out the best of them.

Olympics Best of Us screenshots

Sergey Bubka, Chairman of the IOC Athletes’ Commission, commented: “When I was growing up there were many athletes to look up to, and so I know young people need to have positive role models. To get so many of the world’s best known athletes together for the ‘Heroes’ advert shows the athletes’ commitment to the Olympic Movement and the Olympic values, and on behalf of the IOC I am grateful to them for giving up time out of their busy training schedules for the project. We hope that the ‘Heroes’ advert will really capture the imagination and inspire young people around the world.”

The campaign starts with two TV ads, Heroes and Teens, and a viral ad, Puskitas…


Legendary Olympic athletes star as superheroes seeking to achieve the seemingly impossible. Featured here are Roger Federer the invincible man, Aquatic Woman Laure Manaudou, Liu Xiang the fastest man on Earth, Yelena Isinbayeva the woman who jumps the highest, Vanessa Ferrari the Flying Girl, Yao Ming, Kenenisa Bekele, Haile Gebrselelassie and and Carolina Kluft.

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Young athletes from across the world talk about being an athlete despite the securities relating to their own bodies. They speak in many languages, filmed in Armenia, Belgium, Brazil, China, Egypt, Germany, Ghana, India, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Russia and the United States. The spot is designed to show how sport can play an important role in boosting a young person’s confidence.

Music is “Melody of A Fallen Tree” by Windsor For The Derby.

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A viral video featuring Puskitas Hux, a judo athlete who comes from a country that doesn’t value his sport. Against all odds he defeats his opponent. Full of the joy of winning his bout he runs out of the arena and joins a long distance race, a swimming race, a game of basketball, a gymnast on the bar, a diving competition, and a fencing round.

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The campaign is being developed by the Voluntarily United Group of Creative Agencies (United), part of the WPP Group. This first phase of creative development was led by Sra. Rushmore United, Madrid.

“Heroes” was directed by BigTV! via Harvest. “Teens” was directed by Víctor García via MJZ. “Puskitas” was directed by Sebastián Valino via Palermo Films.

See the campaign at www.olympic.org/uk/bestofus.