Olympic Games performed by Freddy

Italian clothing and footwear company Freddy is highlighting the role of oficial sponsor and supplier for Italy’s national Olympic team going to Beijing 2008, with a print advertising campaign, Olympic Games performed by Freddy. Rhythmical dancer Elisa Santoni jumps through a series of right angles. Italian 100 metres sprinter Simone Collio poses in a hot rod body with souped up engine. Volleyballer Eleonora Lo Bianco poses with hammers, poised for a spike. Gymnast Lia Parolari balances on the beam, holding plates within her arch.

Simone Collio in Freddy Olympics print advertisement

Fa che i miei muscoli siano all’altezza dei miei sogni. Let my muscles be up to my dreams. Simone Collio (national Olympic team, 100 meters)

Eleonora Lo Bianco in Freddy Olympics print advertisement

Questo culpo mi accompagnera per sempre. This hit will be with me for ever. Eleonora Lo Bianco (national olympic team, volleyball)

Lia Parolari in Freddy Olympics print advertisement

Mi muovo sul fragile confine tra paura e sogno. I move along the fragile border between fear and dream. Lia Parolari (national olympic team, gymnastic-beam)

Elisa Santoni in Freddy Olympics print advertisement

Voglio chu tutalla mia ambizione si trasformi in precisione. Make all my ambitions turn into precision. Elisa Santoni (national olympic team, rhythmical dance)


The Freddy Olympics print campaign was developed at 1861 United, Milan, Italy, by creative director/art director Federico Pepe, creative director/copywriter Stefania Siani, art director Micol Talso, copywriter Luca Beato, photographer Lorenzo Vitturi.

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