Obama Loss Blamed on One Voter

MoveOn.org Political Action has combined forces with TrueMajority PAC to sponsor a viral campaign, reminding individuals of their responsibility to vote in the US Presidential elections on November 4. Viewers are alerted to their complicity in the defeat of Barack Obama with an emailed link to the CNNBC video, “Obama’s Loss Traced To [Insert Name]”.

Obama Loss Video

The video opens with anchorman Bill Peterson reporting on Friday November 7 that one non-voter was responsible for John McCain’s victory. We’re shown footage of enraged US citizens who have turned the non-voter into a pariah. Street grafitti labels him/her as a loser. A Facebook group is set up, “10 Million Strong Against….”. A church noticeboard tells us all God’s children are welcome except for [Non Voter]. Marcianne Walsh has strong words for this mother f****er, very strong words. Not everyone is unhappy. George W Bush, for one, is thankful for this non-voter’s service to the country.

The CNNBC site includes images of recent (bogus) videos which provide an opportunity for viewers to customize the video for their friends.

Obama Loss Videos