NZ Army Tetris Test

The New Zealand Army is after leaders. Leaders who can cope with the logistical challenges of moving troops, supplies and back up through difficult terrain under pressure. The latest officer recruitment advertising campaigns uses the analogy of Tetris, the Russian video puzzle game. Medics set up camp. Supplies land by parachute. Infantry stage a beach landing. The campaign is online at the NZ Army Careers site, with the following supporting text. “Could you play for Real? No matter what your speciality, the key to becoming a successful Officer in the NZ Army is leadership. If you’re a natural leader and can strategise effectively under pressure, you could be exactly what we’re looking for. Have you got what it takes?”

Tetris Medics for NZ Army

Tetris Chutes for NZ Army

Tetris Water for NZ Army

I’m wondering if the New Zealand Army is upping its recruitment in light of the recent Gruen Transfer pitch contest focusing on the invasion of New Zealand!

It’s a pity the NZ Army didn’t manage to put an online version of the game on their site.


The Tetris campaign was developed at Saatchi & Saatchi NZ by executive creative director Mike O’Sullivan, creative director Tim Hall, creatives Sam Brown and Kate Catalinac, agency producers Tom Ackroyd and Anna Kennedy, with photographer Rory Carter, retoucher Andy Salisbury and producer Catherine MacCormick at Reload Photographic Productions.