Nuance Frozen Pole eCards

Nuance Communications, the company that developed the Dragon Naturally Speaking text recognition tool, has commissioned an online seasons greeting site, inviting visitors to lick a frozen pole before giving their spoken message. Visitors can choose from a variety of outfits, upload their own photograph or choose from famous faces including Santa Claus and the Mona Lisa. Once you’re dressed up and ready to go, it’s out to the ski village to drag your tongue any metal object in the picture. Once attached to pole, type in your text and have Dragon convert your words into tongueless speech, with a choice of Happy Holidays, Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa. It’s all online at today’s Site of the Day,

Frozen Pole Card


The Frozen Pole eCard project was developed at Mullen by chief creative officer Edward Boches, executive creative director Mark Wenneker, group creative directors Jamie Ferreira and Matt Fischvogt, associate creative director/art director Bob Pirrmann, associate creative director/copywriter Michael Buss, director of integrated, agency producer Christopher Grey.

Digital production was done at Unit9, directed by Alex Jenkins, with producer Henry Cowling, technology director Yates Buckley, head of development Tony Volpe.

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