Nova Breakfast Show Spoofs Treatment

Brisbane radio station Nova 106.9 promoted its breakfast show with a series of television commercials spoofing advertising for nicotine patches, nasal delivery technology and hair re-growth treatment.

Lab woman at Nova Institute

The Nova Institute provides the Nova Treatment for lifestyle problems of energy lows, struggling to get up in the morning, and baldness. “A dose of Meshel, Ash, Kip & Luttsy in the morning can really make a difference to your life.’ In “Model Girl” a woman with a clerical job talks about how wearing the Nova patch gave her the confidence to be a model on the catwalk. There’s a warning about the potential side effects. In “Workout Guy” we’re introduced to a guy with a waking up problem. “I used to have a problem getting up in the morning. Well… let’s face it, I had a problem getting up anytime.” In “Hairy Guy” we’re shown the Nova solution for baldness. “I knew I had a problem. People just didn’t see me for who I really was…”


The Launch campaign was developed at TPD Media Brisbane by executive creative director Peter Marshall, creative director/art director Darren Roach, copywriter Sarah North, art director Michael Cox, agency producer Peter Threlfall, and cameraman Chris Deadman.