Not To Scale in London and Paris

Not To Scale, today’s Site of the Day, is an animation/visual effects company based in London, founded by Dan O’Rourke in 2005. Since signing a deal with Yellow House, Paris in June, the company now represents directorial talent in London, Paris, New York and Los Angeles.

Not To Scale web site

Recent work featured on the site includes Mars Planets by Pierre+Bertrand (Bertrand Bey and Pierre Ducos), Warp-Party Projects by Man vs Magnet (Matt Smithson), Doudouboy‘s Galeries Lafayette, National Television‘s British Airways Attractive Prices (Chris Dooley), National Television‘s Honda – Drive Every Drop (Chris Dooley & Kevin Walker), Coan & Zorn’s Honda Keep Doing and Do Some More (Nigel Coan & Ivana Zorn), Ubik‘s Fortis – If (Stephen Dalton & Nick Losse), Stefan Nadelman‘s Monomena – Evil Bee, Vincent’s Canon House of Cards (John Hill & Rheea Aranha), National Television‘s Always (Brumby Boylston), Chris Ketchell’s Foris – Life’s A Curve, and Steve Scott’s Led Zeppelin – Kashmir. Laurent Babin is in pre-production on a short film.

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