Nokia The Unloader

Nokia is promoting the E71 and E66 mobile phones with The Unloader, an online campaign designed to deal with unneeded documents from your computer. Farfar in Sweden created a factory in which paper documents could be burned, shredded and dipped, moving through to recycling and disposal. Send boring documents on an exciting journey at today’s Site of the Day,

Nokia The Unloader web site

From your computer pick a document that really ticks you off. Alternatively choose one of the provided documents: a PowerPoint presentation on the time it takes paint to dry, a Word document on the mating behaviour of wood lice, and a spreadsheet outlining a “To Do at the Office on the weekend” list.

Once the document is uploaded, you have the choice of having it disposed of in three ways: the Ring of Fire, the Fanfare shred, or the Dip. Your document will join the queue for destruction.

As soon as your document has been consigned to virtual nothingness you have the options of sending, downloading or embedding the film of the experience. The site also includes a time lapse video showing the factory being assembled, with trivia on the components provided in the voice over.

And the connection with the two mobile phones appearing in the factory? The phones have capacity for “push email”, viewing, editing and printing of attachments.

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Unloader concept was developed at FarFar, Stockholm, by creative director Jon Dranger, art director/photographer Jakob Swedenborg, copywriter Tom Eriksen, Tech genius Thomas Söderlund and photographer Bo Gustavsson.

Production was provided by Perfect Fools (web) and Acne (film).