Nokia N-Gage FIFA 08 Gaming Captured in London

Nokia is promoting the N-Gage gaming device and their mass FIFA 08 license giveaway in the UK with a series of undercover films documenting the absorbing effect of the mobile FIFA 08. The campaign, online at, is being promoted virally with six videos on the N-Gage YouTube channel.

Nokia N-Gage videos from London Tube

A film crew with five hidden cameras and a few stooges spent two days on the London underground capturing the bemused reactions of passengers to actors re-enacting the kind of private gameplay behaviour more commonly confined to people’s living rooms.

The film crew made two observations. People play mobile phone games when they’re bored, often when they’re on the bus, tube or other forms of public transport. When people play games, particularly football-based games, they often develop verbal/facial ticks, spasms, behavioural oddities that are normally safely locked away behind the closed doors of the living room.

Nokia N-Gage Player on London Tube

The aim of these films is to drive viewers to – a CCTV-bank-style site where you can watch any of these six videos at your leisure. From here you can download N-Gage, buy a Nokia N95 8gb or, if you already have the N-gage application on your mobile, go straight to download your free FIFA 08 licence.

Nokia N-Gage Player on London Tube

Guy in Bathrobe

An addicted gamer in a bathrobe on a London underground train gets in a fight with his girlfriend. He’s actually so engrossed in the game that he’s wearing her dressing gown and slippers.

Click on the image below to play the video.

Pizza Guy

An obssessed player on the Jubilee Line orders pizza in so he can carry on playing forever…

Click on the image below to play the video.


The campaign was commissioned by Richard Ferguson, marketing activations manager at Nokia.

The N-Gage viral campaign was developed at Work Club by head strategist Lisa De Bonis, creative directors Ben Mooge and Andy Sandoz creatives Rodrigo Lebrun, Nico Tatarowicz, Nick Strada and Greg Mitchell, designer Tom Hartshorn, and agency producer Jo Dillon.

Filming was shot by director Theo Delaney via Hotspur & Argyle with producer Linsey Romano. Editor was Alastair Jordan at White House. Audio post production was done by Anthony Moore at Factory. Post production was done at Envy.

Media was placed by LaComunidad.

The N-Gage site was built by Fat Man Collective.