No Two People Read The Same Book

New Zealand Book Council worked with Colenso BBDO and Film Construction to present a number of alternative readings of a book, demonstrating the power of the reader’s imagination. The New Zealand Book Council runs a wide range of activities and programmes designed to promote books and reading by bringing readers, writers, publishers, editors and schools together.

No Two People Read the Same Book

“Crossing the lamplit street Clare wonders why John is so desperate to receive this black case. A passer by takes a fleeting interest. Clare walks on knowing that tonight she can’t trust anyone. Perhaps not even John.”


The Book Council ad was developed at Colenso BBDO, New Zealand, by creative director Richard Maddocks, art director/copywriter Steve Cochran, account director Michael Redwood, designer Simon Redwood, and agency producer Jen Storey.

Filming was shot by Barry Fawcett, Dennis Hitchcock, Felicity Morgan-Rhind, Michael Duignan and Matt Palmer via Film Construction with producers Edwina Monaghan, Scott Donaldson, Jackie Ludlam, Mary Wall and Rachel Paget.

Sound was designed at Soundtrax. Editors were Paul Maxwell, Zac Blair and Cushla Dillon.