No Fat Clips in Italy

Salvatore DeK, an engineering and IT student living in a small town near Napoli, Italy, has been blogging on creativity since September 2005 at, in English and in Italian. No Fat Clips started as a Blogspot site with a very basic template but DeK makes up for that with the quality of his images, size of quicktime videos (mp4s suitable for iPhone) and links to videos on other sites.

No Fat Clips screenshot

DeK’s blog began as “Sitiamo tanto” but evolved into No Fat Clips, a reference to No Fat Chicks, the t-shirt slogan touted by Peter Griffin Family Guy. Salvatore developed his passion for short films when he got a subscription to satellite TV. He got bored with the blockbuster movies on ‘premiere’ channels and started watching shorts on ‘essai’ channels. He moved to the internet to source those short films and fortunately for the world he’s sharing his passion online.

Site of the Day Series

This is the beginning of a daily post on sites connecting to the worldwide creative community. I’m beginning with sites that link here to The Inspiration Room Daily. And as DeK was the first to change his link from to I’ve returned the favour.

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