No Excuses for Speeding Near Schools

Land Transport New Zealand and the New Zealand Police collaborated in 2007 to produce an advertising campaign reminding motorists to slow down around schools. This series of print advertisements uses speed limit signs and mathematical symbols to remind people that travelling at 55 or 56 km/h, while close, was not the 50 km/h required for safety. One difficulty however. The mathematical symbols of ‘greater than’ and ‘less than’, while connecting with the culture of school life, are not in common use in everyday life.

Speeding Near Schools

Speeding Near Schools

Speeding Near Schools

Land Transport NZ Chief Executive Wayne Donnelly said the ad campaign was part of the organisation’s commitment to promote safe and sustainable transport for all New Zealanders, including child pedestrians.

“If we tolerate speeding, especially around schools, our children will continue to get hurt. If you speed around schools you will be caught . No excuses.”

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