Nike ACG SweetSpots Continued

Nike ACG Europe is back with a new season of “Sweet Spots”, a web site featuring skiers and snowboarders on a quest to test themselves in new locations worldwide. From the steeps of AK to first descents on Anapurna Nike ACG have upped the stakes and taken Sweetspots to a whole new level. All films are available to watch on today’s Site of the Day,, with a new clip added every 2 weeks.

Nike ACG Sweetspots site

Videos are provided along with information on the location, the skiier, the gear, the story, and capacity for sharing and downloads. To get a taste of what’s in store check out the NikeACG YouTube channel. The site comes with a blog, a Facebook group, and an invitation for viewers to submit their own “Sweetspot”.

Click on the image below to play the 2008/2009 trailer in YouTube


The Sweetspots site was developed at Duke Paris/Avenue A I Razorfish by creative director Christopher Oldcorn, copywriter Nick Lequesne, agency art director Bruno Pagès, designer Sylvain Capeyron, sound designer Olivier Sales, client partner Grégoire Baret, account manager Tanguy Hugoo, project manager Nicolas Peigner, motion designer Sébastien Pichet, information architects Sylvie Daumal and Vincent Mayol, IT creative director Philippe Pereira, Flash developers Shiva Bernhard, Damien Gobert and Julien Rault, production director Isabelle Cavallo, Java developer Cédric Rabardel, and web engineer Alexander Sanderson. Avenue A | Razorfish rebranded as Razorfish in October 2008.

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