Nickelodeon Keep Them Entertained

Childrens pay television channel Nickelodeon was positioned as the way to prevent troublesome childhood behaviour in a series of 1960s-style photographs, launched from Singapore in 2005.

Bubble bath added to spa in Nickelodeon print ad

An elderly couple in the spa pool are oblivious to the bubble bath being poured into the pool, behind their backs, by a young practical joker. A young boy jumps into a swimming pool, about to ruin the relaxing experience of a young teenage girl. A young girl gleefully ties together the laces of her peers. A girl and boy hold a magnifying glass above the chest of a man who is engrossed in his magazine.

“Keep them entertained or Else!”

Shoe laces tied in Nickelodeon print ad

Elderly reader about to be roasted with magnifying glass in Nickelodeon print ad

Dive bomb in Nickelodeon print ad


The Nickelodeon campaign was developed at TBWA\Chiat\Day by creative director/art director Marcus Rebeschini, creative director/copywriter Robert Kleman, art director Mike Shackle and copywriter John Sheterline, with photographer Achim Lippoth.

Marcus Rebeschini and Robert Kleman came across the photographs in Achim Lippoth’s portfolio while working on a global campaign for Chivas Regal.

He explained in Photo Serve, “At first I was attracted to the colors of the images and thought, ‘these are really cool,'” says Rebeschini. “I like Lippoth’s work because it’s really fresh and interesting. Then something clicked and I remembered what we’d wanted to do for Nickelodeon. Right in front of me was the idea brought to life.”

via Wild Things By Heather Jacobs

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