New Zealanders Anxiously Watching Their Post

The Royal New Zealand Returned and Services’ Association (RSA) today are key players in the national remembrance of sacrifices made in war. In this print advertisement we see a “Lost in Action” telegraph, a letter signed by King George V, a Roll of Honour (at Grafton District School in Auckland), a red poppy, and a woman holding the New Zealand Herald in grief. A coin includes the name George Carlton Welch and the words, “He died for freedom and honour”.

Anxiously Watched Their Post

“When the troops slept, loved ones at home anxiously watched their post. As a young, free and hopeful nation, we have much to be thankful for. Every ANZAC Day, April 25, we remember the times when the bills weren’t the worst thing that might be in our letterbox, and the people and the events who helped shape who we are today.”

Soldiers named in the ad with photographs include Pte H. Beaumont, Pte Wm Davidson, Pte L.C. Armstrong, Pte G.A. Sim, and Corp J.J. Cowan.

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