New Mother Energy Drink Campaign

Coca Cola has listened to market research and admitted that the failure of Mother Energy Drink was not due to bad marketing. It was due to bad product. And so Mother Energy Drink has been relaunched in New Zealand and Australia with a commitment to trying a new formula. Regardless of the taste, it looks as though the caffeine has kicked in for the spokesman, hit squad and tank driver depicted in the two TV ads.

Mother spokesman

“Ok, we admit it! What were we thinking when we made Mother taste so god damn awful? Turns out no-one liked the taste of Mother so we’ve hunted down the idiots that concocted the vile potion and ‘processed’ them accordingly to ensure nothing like this ever happens again.”

Click on the image below to play the video in YouTube


Now we have New Mother energy drink which tastes nothing like the old Mother, there’s nothing to do with the old cans but CRUSH EM!!

Click on the image below to play the video in YouTube


The Mother TVC campaign was developed at Smart Sydney, by creative directors/art directors/copywriters Dan Gregory and Kieran Flanagan.

Filming was shot by The MacRae Brothers via Orange Whip Films.

  • Samra Nasser

    I liked the old one, why take it away?

  • james Levy

    Hey Inspiration Room,

    Remember us – the energy obsessed maniacs who got you hooked on New Mother? Turns out you had the balls to try it and we wanted to say a big thanks! Your open and honest feedback contributed massively to our success so we’re hoping you would tell us what Oh, and if you’re interested in bouncing off the walls in 2009, please shoot over your best mailing address and I’ll ship you out another energy boost of new Mother.


    • Stefan

      Any way I could get ahold of Mother in SA somehow?! Still shipping?

  • S.V.

    Sexist BS. Wouldn’t drink it if it was given to me for free!

  • Mel

    What’s that actor’s name? Wayne somebody…