Natural Confectionery Company Sweets Chatting

Cadbury is launching sweets from Australian Natural Confectionery Company in the UK with a television and online advertising campaign in which sweets come to life to chat about their naturalness.

Orange Snake in Natural Confetionery Company TV advert

The Contemplative Sweets campaign builds on Australia’s heritage of lighthearted playfulness by developing a “kidult” tone of voice, which is at once charming and edgy.

Bring on the Trumpets

An orange snake tells us how cool it is to contain only natural colours and natural flavours. A frosted koala sitting on a nearby book yells out, “Bring on the trumpets!”. Bizarre.

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Raphael the Scary Bear

Raphael the Scary Bear tells us what he’d do if he saw a dinosaur right now…

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Posh Dinosaur

A red posh dinosaur works hard to outclass the orange snake. Natural natural colours. Pilates. A whole floor of pilates. No need to do exercise with people doing it for him.

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A stegosaurus speaks to a crop of pineapples. “I GOT THE WORD NATURAL BUT I DON’T SPEAK PINEAPPLE. DO ANY OF YOU SPEAK ENGLISH?”

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The UK Site

The Natural Confectionery Company UK site, at this point, is being used to collect data in preparation of a new stage in the campaign. Two fruit chat about the lack of free fruit sweets. Nothing happening here yet…

Natural Fruit Company UK site


Trumpets was developed at Fallon London by executive creative director Richard Flintham, Dirk van Dooren, Matthew Keon, account director Tamsin Northridge, account planner Tamsin Davies, agency producer Gemma Knight, and advertising manager Martin Driver.

Filming was shot by director Tom Kuntz via MJZ with producer Nell Jordon.

via Brentter

  • Fakir

    Ah Fallon, that explains why it’s better than that ‘don’t chop the dinosaur daddy’ shit they make us swallow in Australia.

    Bring the campaign out here, it’s fantastic!!

    There’s a ‘Confectionary Idol’ one as well.

  • Hilarious