National Geographic Tree

National Geographic Channel in India commissioned “Tree”, an animated television commercial, for World Environment Day, June 5, challenging viewers to protect the environment and the animals that live within it. The spot shows how the delicate balance of nature can get disrupted if you take just one piece of the puzzle out of the equation.

National Geographic Lemur

A tree is drawn on paper, the shape undulating and shifting. A sniper rifle is loaded. Through the magnifying scope a gunman finds a lemur in the tree. The lemur turns to face the gunman, unaware of the danger it is in. The gun’s shot leads to the lemur falling to the ground while the tree explodes into many different animals running off screen, leaving an empty space. The spot finishes with the lifeless lemur lying alone on the ground, asking us to think again about how our actions affect the world around it.

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The National Geographic Tree spot was developed at TBWA\India, Delhi, by executive creative director Anirban Sen, creative director/copywriter Mayur Hola and art directors Shakoon Khosla and Puneet Sabharwal.

Animation was designed by directors Josh Goodrich and David Hill (Santamaria) via Hornet Inc, New York, with executive producer Michael Feder and producer Hana Shimizu.

Music was arranged at Adelphoi Music.