My Supermarket for Kitchen Foreplay invited British shoppers to enter an online competition using a viral video playing with the genre of foreplay in the kitchen, spoofing the kitchen scene from Nine 1/2 Weeks (Kim Basinger and Mickey Rourke). The video is designed to appeal to a female, urban, professional, online, and exceedingly busy target audience.

Kitchen Foreplay in My Supermarket advert

“How low can you go?” A couple are inspired by the music of Verdi’s La Traviata (The Drinking Song) as they play with baked beans, paste, Marmite and sausage. “What you do with your groceries is your business. Saving money on your groceries is our business.”

Click on the image below to play the video.

About the Campaign

Viral agency KetaKeta, based in Tel Aviv, Israel, was responsible for the How Low Can You Go campaign.

The first part was to develop a contest to get the public talking about and involved with the website. The contest, titled, “How Low Can You Go?” asked articipants to guess the price of a cart of groceries pictured on the campaign landing page. The winner was awarded with £1000 worth of groceries.

The second part was a parody video of the famous kitchen foreplay scene from the movie “91/2 Weeks,” a highly recognized film in the target market. To reinforce UK female targeting, well-known British grocery products were featured in the viral ad and it was especially female-empowering. The viral ad primarily promoted the contest, driving interest and traffic to the landing page, and giving brand exposure and awareness.

In the first four weeks, the viral ad campaign brought nearly a million video views, more than 50% of which were UK viewers, and over 10,000 participants to the contest landing page.

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