Munchner Tafel Christmas Tree Decorations

Münchner Tafel ran a Christmas advertising campaign in Christmas 2006, encouraging members of the public to set aside basic foods for people in need. Christmas trees branches are shown holding a cabbage, slice of meat, potato and onion. “There are 177,000 people in Munich living below the poverty line. The Münchner Tafel regularly provides food for 15,000 of them. Please help us extend our support to more of those who need it. Thank you.”

Munchner Tafel Cabbage gift

Munchner Tafel Meat gift
Munchner Tafel Potato Cabbage gift
Munchner Tafel Onion gift


The Muncher Tafel Christmas 2006 campaign was developed at Serviceplan, Munich, by creative director Christoph Everke, art director Alexander Nagel, copywriter Cosimo Möller, graphic designer Massimiliano Petrolli, and photographer Felix Holzer.